“If Riding in a Plane is Flying, Then Riding in a Boat is Swimming”

Skydive Hastings 3.0: you have to get out of the vehicle if you want to experience the element

Whether you’re a first time jumper or you have 1,000 plunges under your parachute, Skydive Hastings 3.0 is the best place for skydiving in Grand Rapids, MI.
Formed three years ago, Skydive Hastings 3.0 is the Grand Rapids, MI, company you can trust to ensure you are safe and comfortable from your first jump to your 100th. We pride ourselves on a knowledgeable staff and quality service. All of our licensed skydiving instructors have completed more than 1,000 jumps and have the experience to ease your mind during your first skydiving experience.

We have something for everyone

Jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet will be one of the most memorable moments of your entire life and Skydive Hastings 3.0 wants to share that with you.
Until you go through the Skydive Hastings Instructor Assisted Deployment program to learn how to solo jump, you will tandem skydive. Tandem skydiving is a fun and easy way to familiarize yourself with jumping. Some skydivers only participate in tandem jumps while others move on to solo dives. With the beautiful Grand Rapids, MI, landscape at your feet and one of our licenses skydiving instructors strapped to your back, you’ll get a fantastic introduction to skydiving. Most of our jumps are done at 10,000 feet, although Skydive Hastings 3.0 does offer jumps starting from 7,500 feet. Skydive Hastings 3.0 works hard to ensure you feel safe and comfortable on all your jumps—whether tandem or solo.

Safety is our number one priority

Skydive Hastings 3.0 in Grand Rapids, MI, understands the thought of jumping out of an airplane can be overwhelming for a lot of people. But, we can assure you our licensed skydiving instructors go above and beyond the necessary precautions needed to ensure your safety.
Skydiving has one of the lowest fatality rates in any sport. In 2014, there were 24 recorded skydiving fatalities in the United States out of approximately 3.2 million jumps. You’re more likely to be fatally struck by lightning, or stung by a bee, than killed in a skydiving accident, according to the National Safety Council.
If you’ve always wanted to try tandem skydiving, or you’re ready to take our skydiving course to jump solo, call Skydive Hastings 3.0 in Grand Rapids, MI. You can trust our experts when you decide to take the plunge.

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